In this post, we’ll tell you how to make a WordPress site for free with optimized speed. So, let’s start you can launch your free WordPress site with AWS Free Tier

For this, you have to create an account on the AWS (Amazon Web Service). New users on AWS get a 12-month free trial with a usage limit that is sufficient for a WordPress site. You will need to require these things to create an account on AWS like e-mail, Debit, or Credit Card for payment methods and complete your billing details to complete your AWS account process

*Image from AWS

After creating an account in AWS, you can launch your free WordPress website. You need to create an instance on AWS, AWS EC2 offers 750 hours per month for their free tier users.

There are many other things on AWS, using which you can use to run your free website for 1 year, and if you want to know how to launch then follow this link and get the complete tutorial on WordPress installation on AWS.

You can use the AWS Free tier to launch your website with these things:-

  • Amazon EC2
  • Route 53
  • Load Balancer
  • AMI

What is Amazon EC2 and where used?

Amazon EC2 stands for Electronic Compute Cloud, EC2 is a virtual machine that processes your task on the cloud-like your Linux PC. You can select the RAM, storage, and processor of the EC2 instance when you launch it according to your requirements. In EC2 you can deploy applications and access them publicly on the network like Web Hosting

What is Route 53 and what it’s used?

Simply, We use AWS Route 53 to connect instances to the domain, It’s a highly manageable DNS service, that connects with EC2, Load Balancers, and Elastic Load balancers.

What is Load Balancer and where used?

We use a load balancer as a middle man or middleware, Load balancer performs tasks between incoming requests or servers (EC2). Load Balancer determines the incoming request and distributes them according to your setup, We can also use it to force to serve HTTPS in AWS

What is AMI?

AMI stands for Amazon machine image, AMI is used to install OS in an instance. There are some predefined images that come with OS as well as CMS, Available on AWS catalog Marketplace